EcuMaster Black Ca18Det Base Map

I’m new to the tune and want to do something as a hobby, but I’m having problems with the base map and the first run.
I connected an external ecumaster black to the ca18det engine and I couldn’t find a basemap in the database, can you help me with this?
And is there anything I should change or pay attention to in the base map during the first run?

try the Emu Classic map here as a base for the settings on the Black.
you can import the project.

Thanks, I’m a little new at this.
So how can I reduce the boost target maps below 100? The entire map currently appears as 100 and I cannot enter a value below 100.
If I understand correctly, this is the map where we set the turbo pressures.(boost target)

100 kpa is atmospheric pressure, so you cant go below that

200 kpa is 1 bar of boost

Is there a PDF resource where I can learn this kind of information and improve myself?