IDLE Control using Stepper motor

Please can you describe the procedure of defining, testing, and monitoring of Idle Stepper motor. Assumimng we have no provided information about the particular stepper motor. Asingning outputs to winding is pretty obvious… but not the rest. Is there some test procedure possible even if the engine is stopped ? How to figure out the steps count ?
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Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to test a stepper without the engine running. You can use the output tests to confirm wiring, but they won’t work for moving the stepper motor

what kind of stepper motor/engine are you working on? Toyota ones seem to fail more and more often as they age…

As we both know, once the engine is running, you cant hear stepper motor working. I was used to configure the stepper in black, and was able to experiment with steps count … there was noticeable sound difference once you overshoot the step count. Its always a fight against lack of information, and we have to find way, how to capture any data. We often dont get any data of coil DWELL time, Injector Death Time, steps count on stepper, no information about calibration data of sensors etc etc…
…end the answer , we are working on Dodge Viper now :wink: It operates now, we just wanted to confirm the procedure how to experimentaly find usefull data.

Ahh, yes lol can’t hear the stepper working, just the engine react to it opening and closing. Or sometimes you can remove it, cap the vacuum leak created by removing it and see it moving.

I have a bench testing setup with a JimStim that can fake the ecu into seeing a crank signal. I would use that for figuring out a stepper motor personally…

Well, i have some update. The stepper is working, because i can see the reaction of the engine getting more or less air. But the information in the system = 0. It shows no current on outputs (associated H-Bridge 2,3) and it shows no actual steps made… so i am blind again :sleeping:
It acts more like an 0-100% DC valve then like an actual stepper. I think this part of ECU SW needs some more refinement.
My issue was seized valve after 14Years without moving.

for EMUBlack, but expect there’s something similar in Pro (i hope). maybe that helps

to test a stepper ICV i use “DC during cranking”. this works with ignition on, engine not running, so you can remove the valve and play with settings while watching it or even do measurements. you can open / close it step-wise, estime steps, direction. whatever. when you set steps properly (no too much overrun in full open) you can trust the “Idle Valve DC” in the idle log screen. this gives good feedback to setup controllers.