2JZGE "DODO Racing" Coil Setting

I am a beginner, please help me.
I am not sure how to set up the Dodo Racing coils.
At the bottom of the Dodo product page there is an example of a DwellTable.
In Dodo, it is shown in “Dwell(ms)”, “Voltage(V)” and “absolute MAP(kPa)”,
EmuBlack has “Dwell Time[ms]” and “BatteryVoltage[V]”.
Is what I have set up correct?

Short answer: see charts above. I don’t think the map correction is super necessary but when the car goes for tune your tuner should change if needed. In fact just let him fill that in. Show them this thread if needed lol

Long answer:
Dwell vs voltage is the most important table here, as the battery voltage dips when the starter turns the coils need more time to charge (dwell) in order to make a hot enough spark to light off fuel in a cold engine.
The dwell time is a characteristic of the coils, I greatly appreciate the fact that Dodo have provided this info.
The column for MAP dwell times is a correction, as the air inside the cylinder becomes more dense it gets harder to ignite. I don’t know how they came to that 2nd column, guessing math, maybe real world testing. That’s typically a table only touched when needed.
Spark blowing out under higher boost is a common problem when an ignition system isn’t up to task. Increasing dwell time can solve this IF the coil can handle it. It means the heat it will sustain with increased dwell, and there’s a point of diminishing gains when the coil is fully saturated and even with increased dwell time it won’t make more spark energy. This is why Dodo provided a maximum dwell time chart. The base settings will probably work for 90% of cars.

To get to the table I made for MAP correction I just took the base dwell and MAP corrected dwell times and divided them to get a percentage. No trickery here lol

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