2JZGE nonVVTi Supra mk4 Wiring for Coil on Plug Kit

I would like to know the reliable wiring for using the Dodo 1JZ 2JZ Coil on Plug Kit with EmuBlack.

  • Wire 1~6 ignition to G16,B14,G8,B1,G9,G1.
  • Is the 12v for the coils supplied from the battery via the relay in the ignition switch? Or is it supplied from the battery via a relay from G18?

12V from battery, relay controlled via ignition switch or same circuit as ECU G18. either is fine so long as the power is switched off when the car is off

I would assign outputs in order
Cylinder 1 = ign 1 (G8)
Cylinder 2 = ign 2 (G16)
Cylinder 3 = ign 3 (G9)
Cylinder 4 = ign 4 (B14)
Cylinder 5 = ign 5 (B1)
Cylinder 6 = ign 6 (G1)

check your settings for deadtime, coil type and firing order, do output tests and check base timing with a timing light

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I have created a drawing, is the following drawing correct?

Yes this looks correct. A couple things to note that aren’t neccessarily on the diagram:

G18 is an input for switched power, I think your diagram is just stating that the same circuit is used for the distributor, ECU and ign coil relay trigger. B13 also needs 12V, but it can be from a constant supply or switched.

Diagram doesn’t show grounds from the ECU but they should also be grounding to the cylinder head to prevent any voltage offset from false firing the coils. See star point grounding.

18 awg wire for the triggers is larger then needed, 22 awg would be fine as its just a trigger. Not sure what size wire those connectors for the Dodo coils accept but I think 18 awg TXL would be a tight fit.
20 awg from the 2.5mm2 wire splice(s) to each coil would be fine for power and ground.

Thanks for the reply.

I am concerned about battery drain when using constant power to the B13.
Also, on the supra mk4, where does the 12v for the switch come from?
I would like to install a new relay, where do you get the signal for relay operation?
I am currently using the relay for accessory power.

B13 can be constant or switched, power drain when connected to constant is not an issue but both ways work well.

To answer where exactly to get that in a MK4 supra I need to know what year, RHD or LHD and if chassis was turbo or non turbo.
Most likely though its in the big orange connector in the passenger kick. There is an ignition switch signal that signals the OEM ecu to turn on the main relay in the engine bay fuse box.
Relay controlled by accessory would shut off during cranking, so that is not going to work

B13 connects directly to the battery. (Do I need a fuse?)

Is it a problem to get the signal wire for the switch 12V relay from the fuse in the relay box of the KICK PANEL by splitting it?

Yes to fuse

should not be a problem using the switched 12V from either of those fuses. I believe in Toyota the 7.5A is for the alternator field, but both circuits are fine to have a relay coil added to them. Just ensure that however you make the connections is solid and reliable

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