Accel Enrichment

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I realise this topic has probably been done to death, but acc enrichment is a strange one that I am not sure is well understood.

Although my car is being worked on at present and some great results are being tuned in, it is the acc enrich that gives the most pain.

Now, here’s a tricky one… I have CAN 667 input operating the downshift throttle blips coming in from the CANTCU. The max DBW position allowable is 13%, and I can see that in the LOGS that the throttle is going to 13%, the blip performed, and the downshift happens in the ZF8. But… I can also see that this triggers precisely ZERO enrichment.


Because enrichment is trigged by TPS, which is connected to one of the pots on the E-pedal. Like, huh, what? Why on earth would that be the chosen input for which enrich is triggered? If the instructions are to connect TPS plus an AIN to the pedal, and then two of the other AINs get connected to the DBW, then 1 + 1 = a bushel of potatoes!

Truly, I fail to understand the logic behind this. I mean, if the pedal map is altered, then the acc enrich also gets thrown out. If blip comes in via CAN 667, then you get zero enrichment.

Tell me I’m wrong, but from where I’m sitting that appears to be the way it is.

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I set the ECU to “use throttle plate as TPS”, set the throttle type, and started the wizard to learn the throttle. I started her up and it went to about 2500 and stayed there. It seems that the idle ref table needed much lower numbers for some reason.

After a minor adjustment to acc enrich, it is behaving a lot better and not trying to stall just off idle. Out on the road, I can see in the LOG now that when the TCU commands a throttle blip, it is now getting fuel enrichment.

Was just about to post this. I had the same with the blips not activating with CANTCU. I believe after speaking with Kenneth it was added to the ecu master integration instructions.

I was one of the first beta testers for cantcu.
I asked ecumaster to alter a couple of things.
For it to work properly.

Canstream of pps and tps.
Fuelcut disabled during blip by canbus

You need tick the box
“use throttle plate as TPS”
For acc enrich9to work correctly with dbw.

I got couple off cars driving cantcu with emu black.
It works perfectly.

So i hope this helps for other people looking for
Cantcu with can blip 667 and emu black

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There are a few things that haven’t been corrected in the wiki - ignition correction being one of them.

I can tell that the trans is shifting a little different since I made the TPS change, but it’ll learn again.