ADU Default page


Usually the ADU starts with the first page on the list, which I assume is how is defined.

It happened that in some projects the ADU starts with the second page, and whatever page I list in second position become the default page. I don’t know how that happened and how to change it.

Is there any other configuration to choose the default page? I haven’t found any option.

Thanks for help!

What firmware version do you have in ADU? What version of the project? I remember that there was such a problem in old firmware versions. But that was a few years ago

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The bug that Młynek is talking about happened when a digital input was used to change pages. It was corrected about 4 years ago.
What do you use to change pages - CAN, analog input, digital input, or formula?

Thanks for the answers.

The firmware in this project is 92.x, will the update solve the issue?

To change pages there is an analog input.

The bug we are talking about was resolved in 81.0-exp in September 2020. A screenshot from the changelog is below.

Is your analog input activated to GND or to +12V (Active=Low or Active=High)?
What pullup or pulldown are you using for this analog input?

I see. The firmware isn’t that old, I confirm 92.x

The analog input is activated to GND
It’s 10k pullup