Bosch 0261230340 sensor dont work


i have for my oil pressure and temprature the bosch 0261230340 sensor.
i did put the oil pressure on inverted CAM#2 input, is that wrong or good?
and i did put the oil temprature on analog input #6.
i used the sensor wizard for both of them.
the pressure stay al the time on 0bar with inverted input and with normal input 3.6bar.
the temprature stay al the time on 200degrees (equal to 0volt). but if i use a pullup resistor than it works good, but do i need to do that because there goes a 5volt to the sensor.

what am i doing wrong?

i use he P&P emu black for 1.8t BAM.
this is the pinout for the aditional connector.
do i need to use pin1, pin2, pin14, or is this optional?
for me its not sure if this are outputs or feeds for the emu.
maybe this can be my problem with the oil pres/temp sensor??


Im pretty sure the CAM#2 input can only be used for digital signals, so your analog sensor wont work.
You should not need a pullup resistor indeed because the sensor creates the signal voltage from the 5 volts you supplied to it. other than that the sensor also needs to be connected to the sensor ground (or analogue grond as its called in your picture).
No need for battery power or a power ground to the sensor.

The wizzard should work with this sensor as I am using it too.
Are you sure you have the pinout on the sensor correctly?


about battery power/powerground etc maybe the emu do need it to let the extra ‘‘connector’’ work properly??? (its not the normal black, its a p&p).
oh shit is that true about the cam2 input? then i have a problem with my wiring loom right now.
i used this pinout, 3times checked it.

did switch cabels now and the pressure sensor works without pullup on a analog input.
but the temp still need a pullup. are you sure thats not normal?

Yes, temp need a pull-up

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