Oil temperature

I have fitted a Ecumaster oil temp sensor and am having an issue trying to get a reading, that is to say not getting any temperature shown. Assuming I have wired it correctly, here is what I am doing:-

Open Sensor setup,
go to Temperature,
click Parameters,
open Oil Temp sensors input and select analog input #5 (this is free, not already allocated)

go to Oil Temperature.cal chart looks like this /|
Go to Sensor wizard
and in predefined sensor scroll to Ecumaster oil temp
then go to Sensor cal table (still in wizard) and scroll to oil temp cal and click ok on this box

Next go to Oil Temperature.cal chart should look like this |\

With engine running
goto Log ,
then to Temperatures
and check Oil Temp … I just see a 0

I have not at this point made the table permanent

Any advice would be very welcome!

did you add in the 330R resistor?

Yes we did, using diagram which came with resister

Take a watch, may solve your issue.
9/10 these are wired wrong, but a dead sensor out of the box isnt impossible either. Should see a change in voltage at the ecu bypassing the sensor, as a test.

Thank you! a few clues there, I will be in the workshop over the weekend and let you know how I get on. Thanks again.

I have worked through my set up and re entered all information making sure I included the reference to 330 ohm in the sensor wizard but still not getting a temperature reading. I have noticed from looking at analog inputs in the Log that the voltage for analog #5 (the one I am using) is a constant 4.98 volt. Analog #1- #4 are already assigned and show varying voltages with engine running but #6 is free and shows 0 v Any ideas what I am doing wrong please?

Constant 4.98V sounds to me like the input is only connected to the pull up. You’re sure you have the correct pin?
Is the analog input assigned to Oil temp? Post your calibration file
Try tapping the sensor input wire to ground and see if that changes the reading (it should bring it down)

Are these helpful?

somewhat helpful yes, the entire calibration file would be better.
Only thing I cannot see that I feel is relevant here is the pull up option for Analog inputs. This is located in the “analog inputs” right under “sensors setup” in the project tree. 1M pull down should be selected

Otherwise try the test I suggested before and report back. If that doesn’t change the voltage then check your wiring is correct. Many people read the diagram backwards or just make a silly mistake and pin it 1 pin different, easy to make a mistake like that at the ecu side.

You should see a voltage change with the sensor plugged in compared to not plugged in, worry about the temp calibration part (which i believe you’ve done correctly based on the screen shots) after. Good indicator is when the engine is cold oil temp and coolant temp should be basically the same temp

Thank you for your advice. I will go through the connections and test again over the weekend. Meantime from the analog inputs 1m pulldown and 4K7 pulldown give a reading of 200c while 4K7 pullup gives the 0c reading.