CAN Checked + CAN Switchboard V3

Can I use CAN Checked display alongside CAN Switchboard V3?

So I have currently got a CAN Checked MFD32 display setup with the ECU Master Black ECU with all CAN Switches working on the display and CAL Switches working over CAN Analog, Setup like this.

CAN Setup

The CAN-Bus dashboard uses CAN Switch 1, 2, 3 and 4 and this is why I have assigned the CAN Checked display to use CAN Switches 5, 6, 7 and 8.

But I have run out of outputs on the ECU so I want to fit a ECU Master CAN Switchboard V3 to use the 4 Low side outputs ONLY and carry on using the display for the CAN Switches and CAL Switches so i wouldn’t be using anything else on the switchboard other than the 4 Low side outputs would this be possible?

So what I think you’re suggesting to have 2 devices using the same addresses…

Now I don’t know exactly what CAN data the V3 switchboard sends, but Id imagine it will send a 0 value on the addresses for all the analog and digital inputs if they are reading nothing. This will result in an error and wont work. The selections are for what and how the Black receives CAN data from the bus.

The other solution I’d suggest is the user defined CAN stream tool, but your dashboard is selected as “opel Astra” which I’m assuming you need.

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So would I basically need to change the ID of the Switchboard so it’s different from the display and use the User defined CAN stream to set up the correct message to activate the outputs?

I do still need to use the Pre Defined CAN Dash so I’m aware this might not work on Black V2 Software.

You’ll need to have all CAN devices on discrete base ID’s. From memory you can change the switchboard ID with Light Client but you can’t change it in the EMU software.

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Is it possible to use Light Client without USB to CAN interface and use the EMU Black for access into the CAN instead?

No, you need either a USBtoCAN or another device that Lightclient allows (peakCAN, Kvaser)

Might be best off solving this issue when V3 firmware is available.

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