Controlling Pierburg CWA100 Waterpump

Hi Guys, I’d like to control a CWA Waterpump from a PMU24DL. The Pump has it’s own input for PWM, so current draw over PWM I suspect will be tiny. Has anyone does this before, any tips??

Google found me this, looks like you could use an output from a PMU to control the pump. Might be more efficient to use an output from an ECU and a pull up resistor instead of an output.

In the PMU software you can set up a table for temp of whatever this pump is controlling, or whatever value you want (engine rpm etc) and fill the numbers in from 15 to 95. Numbers outside this range will result in a fail safe mode

Then on the channel you are using to control PMW, check the PWM box, check the box for duty cycle and fill in the table in the “DC control” box

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Thanks for this, the Tecomotive controller is what I currently use, however I’m trying to simplify the loom, and the wiring in the car. Hense why I’m trying to get the PMU todo it.