Searching for some help with cwa200 water pump

Hey im trying to get my emu black/pmu16 to controll my cwa200 water pump since i needed to remove the original mechanical waterpump. I know wiring is 1=12v 2=pwm signal 3=signal ground or linbus 4=ground. i have tried using h-bridge but it only give 12v at 100% in the pwm table and that starts the pump but it wont run full speed. i need to give it a wakeup pwm signal for 3sec and then controll it with pwm? would love to get help if some1 have this working on emu black :smiley: kind regards // Eric

I’m also doing the same, although I’ve not tested it yet, I’m going to follow the PWM info from this

I have seen those and tried everything but cant get it to work😅 maybe im doing something wrong or my pump is trash (its a New one).

I have configured like this and works great. you can set dc to 85 if you want full speed.

pin 3 - not connected.

This is what ive tried but didn’t work for me so I will try put a pwm relay in between so the emu controll the relay or else my pump is broken😥

Then it could be the pump, Does pmu shows current draw? PWM relay will not help in this situation as it should work directly.

It draws about 0,9a or something but if i put it into 100 on pwm it draws about 2-3a

It could draw 2-3A if there is no water into pump inlet. Make sure there is no air bubble,

Which output are you using for the PWM signal? If you are using an AUX or injector output (except AUX4), it will require a pull-up resistor. A good idea is to use an H-bridge output instead.

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