DET3 MAF + Map Switch - Launch Control

FIT. Is there a way to have MAF connected to PIN 2 map switch and launch control connected to another button on the dash or clutch ?


Please note that analogue input number 2 is reserved for the internal MAP sensor if your DET3 unit is equipped with one. This input should only be used in scenarios where DET3 does not have a manifold pressure sensor.

Integrating both a map switch and launch control (LC) should not pose a significant problem. The map switch can operate in piggyback mode, and the fit mode is suitable for table switching.

In piggyback mode, LC can be activated using any analogue input, frequency input, or it can be set to always active. The fit mode also allows for the use of an extra analog output (located on the map switch pin), frequency output, and the always active option.

With efficient resource management, it is feasible to utilize both the MAF, map switch and LC in both modes simultaneously.