Det3+. map and maf sensor

Hi All,

Technical question
I installed the DET3 on my car i use the analog output for MAF to the car ECU and also my car runs with the original MAP sensor and i feel the original MAP trying to adjust the fuel
So my question is it okay like that or i need to do something else

Thank you

What car do you have ?
WHat do you mean you feel the original map is trying to adjust fuel ? All cars since the 90ies have closed loop lambda correction

My car is Honda Civic
I’m not not sure if modifying MAF signal only will be enough
Because there’s MAP sensor also adjusting the fuel dosage and no modification for the MAP signal

Fuel Calculations are done via the MAF sensor. Map sensor is there for diagnostic and boost control. It might throw a check engine light though if maf to map voltage has a larger difference. What year Honda Civic is it ?