New Data Master Software version 2024.4

Dear Ecumaster Community,

After a long period of development, we’re excited to announce the release of a new Data Master software update version 2024.4. It’s packed with exciting new features and improvements designed to enhance your data analysis.

New features:

  • Introducing the Table Builder: Dive into data with a new visualization tool - the Table Builder! This feature utilizes a map-like table to present your data in a clear and insightful way.
  • Custom GPS Support: Analyze logs from devices other than ADU with full GPS support! Utilize the @GPS_LATITUDE and @GPS_LONGITUDE aliases to attach your chosen GPS channels for comprehensive location tracking.
  • Streamlined Video Import: Importing project archives is easier than ever. Now you can selectively choose which videos to synchronize, just as you would in your original project.
  • Enhanced Graph Log and Panel Management: Add Graph Log and favorite panels directly from the menubar and toolbar for a more streamlined workflow.

This update also addresses various user-reported issues, including visual glitches and bug fixes related to the Reference Track and other functionalities.

We encourage you to download Data Master 2024.4 and experience the new enhancements!

As always, your feedback is valued. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

The Ecumaster Team