New EMU PRO software version 103.0 experimental

Dear Ecumaster Community,

We are happy to announce the release of the experimental EMU PRO software version 103.0, featuring a range of new features and enhancements designed to elevate your engine management experience.

New Features:

  • Per Bank VE Tables: Improved precision of V engines tuning.
  • Additional Custom Outputs: Gain more control with the addition of five extra Custom outputs (F to J).
  • Bluetooth module Integration: The new BT-CAN Stream capability allows for effortless cooperation with the BT-CAN module
  • Synchronous MAP Sensing: Achieve even more precise engine control.
  • Electronic Wastegate Control: The boost control strategy now supports electronic wastegates with return springs for accurate boost management.
  • Advanced Secondary Trigger Wheel Support: Introduction of new generic decoders: “Factor sequence” and “Shorter than factor” for even broader compatibility.
  • Custom DC Motor Strategy: Take control of external devices with a new strategy.
  • Closed-Loop Fuel Pump Control: For applications needing fuel pressure control.
  • Improved Input Flexibility: The accelerator sensor now accepts digital input, custom values, or custom voltage channels as input sources.

Extended CAN Stream Support:

  • BMW E46
  • BMW E46 M3
  • BMW Z4
  • BMW E90

Support for Additional Trigger Wheels:

  • Primary trigger: HONDA J35A8
  • Secondary trigger: HEMI Gen III
  • Secondary trigger: Nissan GTR R35

To download the software visit:

We value your feedback and suggestions as we continuously work to improve EMU PRO.

The Ecumaster Team



there is still a bug in exporting a transmition CANX file.

when you import it. it automatic becomes a receiving messages. leaving to possible way to backup or work.