New PMU software version 92.0.4 Public Release

Dear Ecumaster Community,

We are pleased to announce the official release of PMU software version 92.0.4.

This update introduces a valuable new feature, essential fixes, and a proactive change aimed at minimizing potential risks, specifically tailored for PMU-24 DL. However, the new features and fixes extend to all PMU devices, including PMU-16, PMU-16 DL, and PMU-16 AS, ensuring a comprehensive upgrade across our product range.

New Client Feature:

Merging projects - Seamlessly integrate elements from one project into another. For more information, please refer to our how-to guide available: How_to_Merge_Projects_in_PMU.pdf (0.5 MB)


We have disabled the PWM functionality for the 7A outputs in PMU-24 DL due to the risk of overload when powering highly inductive loads. This proactive measure minimizes the risk of potential damage, with an updated device pinout reflecting this change. Explore further details here:

While this change disables the selection of PWM moving forward, please note that any outputs configured prior to this update will remain assigned.


The saving and loading of Analog Input and User Table dialogs is now functioning correctly.

CANbus Export dialog: The “Save CANX File” button now operates properly for 32-bit bitfield channels (e.g., “pmu.outActiveMask.o21”).

Download the latest software update at:

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we welcome suggestions for future improvements.


The Ecumaster Team

Please add the support for 3x5 keyboard with 2 encoders in the next FW update.

Hi Karel,
It’s planned for the beginning of April.