PMU PWM fan control with CAN key pad

I’m having this challenge I have PMU16, ADU7, EMU Black and CAN keypad from ecumaster.
My heater fan is connected to O4 output of PMU.
I need to control it with CANbus keypad.
One button should start or stop fan at full speed only with soft start.(Done this)
Second button should start or stop fan at 50% duty cycle.
I didn’t managed to make this work, maybe someone can guide my through this problem?

post your calibration file and we can advise how to change it better.

You could easily use 1 button to do this, 1st press = 50% dc, second =100% etc

You’ll need to assign the channel’s DC to a number or table that’s changed via a button press. Table makes this quite easy and you can add more states easily

My configuration right now (Can’t upload here because I’m new)

I would probably do that on the same button myself, but client asked if it possible to do this on different buttons.
I’m just missing place where to add two different inputs to one output channel.

A function can add two (or many many more) inputs or logic conditions to enable a channel, you can also use the function section at the bottom of a power output and this essentially is a function.

Pmu cfg - HeaterFanPWM.pmu (6.0 KB)

Modified your file. opted for a table as I think its easier to understand and you can easily decide how it will handle both heater buttons being on. You could actually have one reset the other but lets leave that for another day haha.

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That is really smart way of doing it. Thank you very much!

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