Rev Matching H Pattern Gearbox

Is there any information on Rev Matching with EMU Black?

There is no help information currently in the software.

For example, how does “Max Gear” setting work?

I will publish here later today a help for Rev matching

Rev Matching

The Rev Matching strategy is designed to increase engine RPM when downshifting using a manual transmission with an H-pattern. This allows for setting higher RPM during gear changes, improving the car’s balance and reducing wear on the drivetrain.

Note: To utilize this strategy, an electronic throttle is required.

To implement the strategy, connect the clutch and brake pedal sensors to the Engine Management Unit (EMU). The strategy detects the situation where the driver presses the brake pedal during a gear reduction and activates after releasing the clutch pedal.

If you want to downshift multiple gears, press the clutch pedal again after each shift. The strategy operates in two modes:

Fixed RPM target: Regardless of the gear, the same RPM is set during gear changes.
Calculated RPM target: Based on the Gear to Speed ratio values from the VSS configuration, the strategy calculates the expected engine RPM following a gear reduction. This allows optimal adjustment of the engine speed and is the recommended mode.

Parameters Description:

Enable input: Activates the strategy. Choose “Always Active” if you want the strategy to be permanently enabled.
Type: Selects the method for calculating the target RPM (Fixed RPM target or Calculated RPM target).
RPM target: Target RPM in the case of Fixed RPM target type.
Max matched RPM: Maximum allowable target RPM.
Throttle blip ref level: Reference throttle position during RPM matching, modified by the strategy to achieve the desired RPM. This value must allow reaching Max matched RPM with an unloaded engine.
Max blip duration: Maximum duration for which the strategy can control the throttle to achieve the desired RPM.
Max ign. retard: Maximum allowable ignition retardation for precise RPM control.
Max gear: The gear below which the Rev Matching strategy is not activated.
Min VSS: Speed below which the Rev Matching strategy is not activated.
Delay to activate: Time from pressing the clutch pedal to strategy activation, compensating for clutch switch position.
Delay to deactivate: Time from releasing the clutch pedal to strategy deactivation, compensating for clutch switch position.
**Fuel correction: Fuel correction allowing mixture enrichment for better engine response to throttle opening.

Log Channels:

Rev. match active: Indicates whether the strategy is active and attempting to set the desired RPM.
Rev. match RPM target: The desired RPM that the strategy aims to set.
Rev. match Gear target: The expected gear after the reduction.
Rev. match armed: Indicates whether the strategy is armed (brake pedal pressed) and waiting for activation.


Does rev matching works on dsg?

Dsg startegy has own strategy for rev matching based on dgs gearbox requests.