Ac conditioner activation input

Hi there all,

Regarding ac clutch parameters,

The best way to setting activation inputs
From where to get signals, output as well
Best wirings route from where for example pressure switch?
If diagram available please share thanks

Please help

pressure switch output to the activation switch and this will also act as pressure sensor so you need to select for example can analogue assign it as ac pressure and make sure calibration is on this area between min and mac ac pressure

Still not clear greg do you have a working parameter example input and output and input from this switch & output as well and what ecu will receive 0v or 12v as input or output will voltage will give.

Can this be done from this switch below it has three wires on will read if ac compressor is of 0.1v ac on 0.21v
Other One ground third on 12v.

I need the ecu to know if the ac conditioner is on to raise rpm that’s all.
The ac already working.