Air conditioning activation input

Hi all,

I have a 1999 totyta supra im putting an pro 8 in.
Im currently working on my wiring harness and configuring the ecu I/O.
How do I set an activation input for switching on the AC clutch engament parameters?

The stock ecu works by getting a request from Pin 34 on the stoch ecu, it then checks if parameters are met, and if thats the case it grounds pin 23 and thus engages the AC compressor clutch.

This can be set up in the black by connecting the stock pin 34 as switch 1 and outputting the ground via an AUX.

However, as far as I can find, the pro 8 doesnt give this option, how do I set this up in the pro 8?

See attached images

switches → Driver–> ac activation

Hi greg,

Thanks so much! I never figured to look there!
I was looking into this, i should be able to wire the AC request button (pin 34 of the OEM diagram) as a digital input right? This would save me one precious analog input of which I have only have two left…