Adding track map post event/session

Had a test day today, at some point we think our start/finish got messed up (set in the garage).

We have a good track map from earlier in the day, how can we assign/use a good map with a data set that doesn’t have a good map?

Coming from years of using AIM software, I’m finding some things are a bigger learning curve than expected.

I would recommend using the Lap Editor (F5 key). Select the GPS method and press the chequered flag icon. Then drag the green circle to the correct place on the track, and your log will be correctly split:

For more details on Lap Editor, you can check out the manual, pages 10-13:

Or you can ask here directly.

Thanks, oddly I got it to work once, but then I was having a hard time figuring it out again, I think because the session didn’t have a “full lap”. Regardless I was able to find the data I needed.