TireTemp Cam and GPS built in support

Could we get a feature to log GPS and tire temp cams directly with Pro?
Now I need to make custom RX frames if I want to log those, but unable to show tire temp graph with DataMaster.

I know you´ll run out x8 channels pretty soon when adding lots of rx frames/messages and that´s another question if you can add more than 100 x8 channels?

But what I definitely do not want, is use to use separate USB sticks for Pro and ADU for logging.

Hi, regarding the GPS - we are currently working on it. In the Data Master, the log from the EMU PRO with the GPS will be supported just as one from ADU. We plan to release this version by the end of April.

Regarding the tire cameras, we will have an internal discussion to see it it’s possible - I’ll keep you posted.

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Hi Sami,
as planned, we released a new version with the expanded GPS support: New Data Master Software version 2024.4

If you start a new Circuit project in the Data Master it should work from the start, however you may have to define your ‘@GPS_LATITUDE’ and ‘@GPS_LONGITUDE’ channels in the Tools/Maths Editor (F7):

For more details, you can check the Data Master manual or ask here directly.

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Is there any array table for TireTempCam? I am trying to reduce memory usage and I dont really need all 16 points.