Data Log Mark and Review

Super dumb question…how do you “Mark” a data log and then go back and find the mark afterward - when reviewing the data?

Hi, can you please specify the device you’re using?

I think he is talking about “mark” button so when you drive car and something wrong happening you press the button “mark” and you can go back to i think best would be to have alias “mark” and than you can assign custom channel for it and while scrolling data you can “skip” form one mark to another…

That’s what I am talking about. In the “Customize Keys” menu/setup there is a dropdown for “Set Log Marker”. I think it means to use “M” to set a marker in the Log file so that you can go back and review it. But, I don’t know how to find it when I want to go back and review it. Also, there is mention above of a custom channel, but I can’t find a way to make a custom channel either. Any help would definitely be appreciated.

Anybody have any suggestions?