Autosaved channels for canbus input

Autosaved channels should work with external canbus channels?
I have a multiplexed TPMS sensors, which send data over canbus, every second or every 10 seconds. I’d like to store the battery channel for each tpms sensor. I set up the battery canbus channel in the autosaved channels window, but when I restart ADU, it says 0 for all of the TPMS sensors. The default canbus channel value always overwrites the stored value, making it useless for this purpose? In case of timeout, it is set to use previous value, but there is no timeout at ADU startup.
Any ideas?

I dont have a answer to ur question…but how do u save channels?
Looking for this for example to save the fuelcount from emu to get a trip fuelcount alligend to the trip mileage.

Hi, could you send me your project to
We will try to find the solution that suits your needs.

the autosaved channels feature is described in much detail in the how-to document:
Let me know if it answers your doubts. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.