ADU software 100.0 update highlights

Dear Ecumaster Community,

We’re proud to introduce three significant new features in ADU firmware 100.0, and we’ve taken care to provide detailed documentation for your convenience:

  1. PMU-24 Support: We’ve expanded our support to include PMU-24, in addition to the already supported PMU-16.
    How_to_Configure_PMU_CAN_Stream_in_ADU.pdf (1.0 MB)

  2. Merging Projects: Seamlessly integrate elements from one project into another with our step-by-step guide.
    How_to_Merge_Projects_in_ADU.pdf (1.0 MB)

  3. Autosaved Channels: Easily store and retrieve values for up to 20 channels.
    How_to_Configure_Autosaved_Channels_in_ADU.pdf (998.5 KB)

Additionally, explore our how-to guide for the Hill Climb timing mode introduced in version 94.0.
How_to_Configure_the_Hill_Climb_in_ADU.pdf (1015.3 KB)

Your feedback is crucial to us. Try out these features, explore the new timing mode guide, and share your thoughts.

Best regards,
Ecumaster Team


So Autosave can be used for Virtual Fuel Tank to store adu.vft.remaining

This should store the last known value, then reload when powered up.

it already had that in the previous versions

I think only of you had battery backup powered.

I guess, good question, do these values store if there is no battery supply when the unit is off?

i regularly disconnect the battery compleletely, and odo or laptimes are still stored.
i think the vft stuff is stored, but i’m not 100%

VFT is stored in the same memory as the odometer.
And a battery can be disconnected and it still be preserved.

Good to know! Thanks