Trip data for two fuellines

i want to freeze distance meter 2 as long as a specific channel is 1. If it is 0 again it should go on counting.
Has anyone an idea how to do this? I can’t find a simple way.

You need to create a function that converts high state into clicks.
An example project is attached bellow.


freezeDistanceMeter2.adu (5.5 KB)

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Thanks a lot…i will try this.
Another question…i want to have a total used fuel channel useing fuel used message from emu. So basically i want to sum up the fuel used channel with every drivingcycle. I think this could be somehow possible with autosaved channels, but i cant find a logic how to do it. I somehow need to save a value just at ignition off (the last total fuel value). How is this possible?

That’s how the “Virtual fuel tank” function works.
Check the ADU manual, page 155.

U are right. But it will just partielly solve my full problem.
My full situation:
I have two fuellines in my vehicle…Gasoline and LPG controlled via EMU black.
I want to track trip fuelconsumption/count and trip distance for each fuelline seperatly. Distance seems to be no problem with 2nd distancemeter and the freeze channel.
With virtual fueltank i just could track the combined fuelcount.
So i somehow need to track fuelcount of one system seperatly somehow with the fuel.used emu channel and the channel which shows which fuelsystem is active.
Do u see a chance to do that?
I have this logic atm running on a seperate device and sent it to ADU…but i want to swap it completly to ADU.

Have a look at the Road/Stage functionality FW 104.
Maybe you can use Road Mode to track gasoline and Stage Mode to track LPG usage.

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Aaaaah…u are right…i actually didn’t really understand this stage and road mode concept. But it seems i can cover everything…distance and fuel…with this function…thx a lot :slight_smile:

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