BMW E46 CAN setup EMU Black

Hi everyone,

Has anyone got the e46 CAN to work with their EMU black? How did you wire it up and configure the EMU?

I’ve got a 1JZ in my e46 and have wired the emu CAN H and CAN L to the respective wires on the vehicle plug in the engine bay, but no luck.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Did you select the E46 Dashboard under CAN, Serial\CAN\CAN-Bus Dashboard

Thanks for the reply,

Yes I have, as soon as I select e46 profile the CAN indicator in the software goes from green to red.

That could mean that CAN is working (or trying to) and isn’t able to due to errors on the CAN network. Could be due to poor connections or lack of proper termination. So when selecting E46 it starts sending CAN data, but immediately erroring due to some issue.

Can you measure the resistance CAN-bus across CAN-l and CAN-h. That may tell you if there is an open, non terminated end. Which adding a resistor would solve.

I’ve used this article to help me find my CAN bus issues when I had them on my Audi.

Thanks for your help, I just changed the speed from 1Mbps to 500Kbps and it’s working perfectly now. My Tacho, coolant temp, engine lights etc all work as they should!