DET 3 Fuel Implant 1st gen tacoma 2.7 3rz

Here is what i have done to get the DET 3 to work on a 1st gen tacoma with a 3rz, turbo with the piggy back in fuel implant mode. With launch control.

First is wiring,
-analog #3-tee into coolant temp sensor signal
-analog #2 is internal map sensor, leave alone
-analog #1 -tee into throttle position sensor signal
-analog #4 - intake air temp sensor- hooked up gm iat sensor in intake manifold and ran separate signal only to det module, use 5 volt from original iat so stock ecu use oem iat and det uses manifold location iat for correct fueling
-power output 1-injectors 1,3
-power output 3-injectors 2, 4
-ground is hooked to ground, used computer grounds
-12 volt- ignition feed key on
-map switch- tee into narrowband 02 sensor
-ignition in-return from crank sensor +
-ignition out pin 5- ignition + to ecm
-power ground-ran seperate ground to engine block due to this being injector ground
-launch control wired to pin 8 and pin 10 to switch that when activated goes to ground

i oped out to wire in the wideband due to wanting the EGO correction on idle and cruise.

Setup DET settings for fuel implant mode.
Step one unhook fuel injectors and load firmware onto det3 by opening the det3 fi software, plug usb from det3 and power on det, next is under file fo to upgrade firmware and load and update the firmware.

next turn off ignition and build det map
-under setup tab
-scales, set to narrowband 02 sensor 0-1v
-ignition mode, retard/advance 36-2 signal, ignition input type VR sensor adaptive threshold.
-frequency rpm output, generste rpm output multiplier 2, use if u wire tach to pin 7
-launch control, use frequency input, pullup high

-SA Fuel implant tab
-general settings, speed density with baro correction enable, cylinders 4, engine displacment 2693cc,
-iat sensor scale
-clt sensor scale
-tps- adjust so min reads 0% and adjust tps max to rear 99% and enable tps antiflood
-internal 4 bar map sensor, range 400kpa, offset 10kpa, enable digital filter
-injector size 296cc
-injector opening time 0.650
-battery offset 0.150
-injector divider 2
-bank fire
-table switch, use NBO sensor input
-EGO config, target voltage 0.45, control range 10%, change step 1, change rate 2, tps max 50%, rpm min 576rpm, rpm max 4500rpm

acceleration enrichment parameters you will have to play with but i enables the map sensor based enrichment

This will get you close to bring setup, you will need to tune the ve table. i’m not able to upload my tune so ask questions. my current setup starts up good down to 0’F and runs 6psi of boost on 87 octane with no misfires.
Note: intake plumbing for the ignition to operate properly will require the maf to be hooked up, we dont use to for fueling just ignition load table from stock ecm. when hooking up injectors, cut wires from oem ecm and heatshrink ecm side wires for not in use. run a boost reference line from intake, preferred not off any of the lines on the throttle body.