DET 3+ setup option for bank fire mode

Hi, just purchased DET3+ studied all manuals ect, and I have question regarding controlling injection (bank fire)

Det 3+ I’m using to convert for mechanical injection to EFI, but all setup Im making following “det3 manual” and in there there is no option to select injection type to bank fire, setup CC/min, delays in mV and ect. this option showed only in “Fuel implant manual”.

So main question do I need to use program for setup using only Fuel implant program or I can use both programs on mine PC for fine tuning:
Digital ecu tuner3 program
Digital ecu tuner 3 fuel implant program

As in Fuel implant program I see all needed setups for mine injectors (CC/mins, delays and same Bank fire mode) but such option is not available in Digital ecu tuner 3 program.

So main question can I use both programs to set up mine DET3+ or just 1 program can be used to control DET? And there is no interactions between implant program and tuner program?

Kindly waiting yours reply

Thank you for your inquiry. I will endeavor to provide as precise an answer as possible.

Each mode, namely Piggyback and FIT, requires distinct software for configuring the device. This necessity arises because each mode operates on its own specialized firmware. Specifically, the Piggyback mode utilizes the ‘Piggyback Mode Firmware’, while the FIT mode operates on the ‘FIT Firmware’. Before you begin working with the device, the appropriate firmware must be uploaded to the microcontroller.

It’s important to note that these firmwares are structured differently and allocate data in separate locations within the flash memory. Consequently, the FIT firmware cannot be used to set up the Piggyback mode, and vice versa. Each mode’s specific firmware ensures optimal performance and compatibility with the intended operational parameters.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or require additional guidance.

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Thank you, conected as FIT and it works fine.

Currently working up with AEM AFR to setup VE and Fuel tables, but once I’m adjusting VE to meet AFR target idle seems to high 1.4k rpm (14.7afr) if reducing rpms using VE to 850rpms (AFR reads 10)

Having 2 questions:

  1. Maybe there is other possibilities to control idle?
  2. Fuel table not making any different if I change it from -120 to +120 it not effecting AFR reading (wideband) only VE table adjustments making difference, what Im doing wrong ? (Wideband conected as instructed to pin2, selected analog input, table switch also meeting actual readings)