'Ignition Mode' help for DET3+ Application for Saturn S-series (GM) vehicle

Bear with me-I’m not asking for anyone to ‘wire it in for me’ LOL, just asking for some help on figuring one aspect of the installation.

I have a 1997 Saturn SC2 1.9L with dohc and I’ve added a turbo-aftermarket

This is my third time to change the turbo layout for this car. I wanted space in the engine bay, less heat, easier to work on so I now have it in rear-mount configuration.

I’ve had this same car turbo’d for some 6 years now, and I’ve always only had fuel ‘control’, using slightly larger injectors, Walbro 255hp pump, and BEGI rising rate, fuel pressure regulator for fueling. This means fueling is less than desireable, but, has afforded me a lot of fun to cover 12psi. Outside of using 8.5:1 forged pistons, two-step colder plugs and highest octane fuel available, NO timing control.

I now want to run 20psi, which means larger injectors. Cold start is rich enough already and will get worse with larger injectors, if it starts at all. I need fuel control to make this thing start-able on cold-starts so I’ve purchased and am going through the manual, the DET3+.

Originally, I purchased the UNICHIP but there is NO aftermarket support, seemingly for anyone, and unless you have one of the cars they have a wiring schematic for, contacting them goes completely unresponded to.

I noticed the DET3+ has tons of folks on youtube and even here, a forum, to pose questions and get help from so here I am!

I’ve installed aftermarket engine management before, a full standalone, on a prior Saturn I owned. It was back in 1999! It was the Electromotive TEC2 with DOS software! haha! So, I’m not daft in installing these things, but with menus to select for ignition on the DET3, I have one big question.

My crank has a solid plate on the crankshaft with 7 recesses (female notches) around the circumference) 5 of those recesses are evenly spaced with the last two, spaced with a male tooth.

If you look at this image, you’ll see this is exactly what I have, and it appears it is the same on 2.2 (ln2), 2.2 (l61) ECOtec, and 2.4 (ld9) quad 4 as well as the listed Saturn engines, with mine being the 1.9L


Now, I get that DET3+ might be foggy on the ‘saturn’ but surely there is an ignition mode I an select so that if I owned a GM vehicle with the listed engines there, I could select ‘something’ in the drop down menu to get me using the system.

PLEASE help guys. Thank you!

this trigger its not suported whit the DET3 equipment … you can only read a rpm from a tacho output anda control a fuel

You are the first and only response I’ve received. Thank you!

This post was quite a while ago. Since then, I’ve been in contact with Ecumasters out of Dallas Texas area and they checked with the engineers and came up with an ignition mode and diagram for me to use for this system.