DET3+ wiring to old Mercedes 190e

Good day, do you have any idea how to wire the DET3+ to old mercedes 190e?
Engine 1.8 (80kw m102) willing to replace KE jetronic.
Already installed the fuel rail with injectors
Injectors connected to 18&20 pin to control them (as I understand its controlled by ground from 19pin)

MAP is integrated in DET3+ ecu so also attached MAP sensor to engine and pin 14 just to make sure + it have intake air temp sensor integrated
Pin 14 MAP sensor (additional with IAT on it)
Pin 15 coolant temp senor
IAT is integrated in MAP sensor so this as well connected to pin 13

Pin 2 lambda (narrowband)
Pin 1 12v (when ignition is on)
Pin 11 ground for ECU
Pin 9 ( not sure I assume its from ignition system, as currently there is NO SYNC ERROR) any ideas from where take a signal)?

I cant start up car as I understand for ECU its ignition system error (NO SYNC) in manual its written to take a signal which is more than 2.5V in my case I tried to:

  1. connect it to crankshaft sensor - same error
  2. ignition module (12V once cranking there is pulsing - signals sent to ignition system) - same error
  3. Ignition coil positive terminal -12V - same error.
  4. RPM signal - sent to dashboard from ignition module - same error

Any ideas, or maybe I need to connect ignition not to pin9 ?
Photo for reference


To accurately measure the signal for RPM pickup, it’s necessary to use an external oscilloscope.

Alternatively, you could attempt connecting the ignition input directly to the signal and utilize the internal scope feature. If the signal is decoded properly, the trace should appear in the scope window. To view the decoded signal, select ‘Get Data’ while cranking the engine. Please be aware, though, that this method might lead to incorrect conclusions.

It’s important to note that Analogue #2 is designated solely for the internal MAP sensor. Connecting any other analogue signal to this input may result in interference. Therefore, please connect the IAT from the pressure sensor to the IAT input (Analogue #4). Also, ensure that the pressure sensor signal is not connected to avoid any conflicts.


Thanks, just for clarification Analog #2 in mine case 14 pin should remain NOT USED due to its “reserved” for DET3+ map sensor which is integrated already in piggyback & this pin CAN’T read any other sensors.

So in this case mine additional MAP sensor is not needed, only for using of IAT (intake air temperature sensor) and its should be connect to Analog #4.
Thank you for reply and instruction will try.

P.s. for coolant temperature sensor in mine case its now connected to Analog #3 is okay to be connected as is or better use Analog #1 for this reading?

So just for recap:
Analog#1 - not used (so maybe I could connect narrow band O2 senor?) Or its okay to be connected to PIN2?
Analog#2 - can’t be used (reserved for piggyback ecu Map sensor)
Analog#3 - coolant temperature sensor
Analog#4 - intake temperature sensor

Also how to properly “setup Tables”? (image attached)

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to discuss an important aspect of our current project, specifically regarding the firmware and software we are using.

Firstly, it’s crucial that we transition to working with the FIT firmware and FIT software. Currently, we are operating on a piggyback firmware, which may not be the most efficient choice for our needs.

The FIT software is designed with fixed inputs, which are:

  1. Analog 1: TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
  2. Analog 2: MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure)
  3. Analog 3: CLT (Coolant Temperature)
  4. Analog 4: IAT (Intake Air Temperature)

It’s important to note that these inputs are fixed and cannot be modified. Using the FIT system will ensure we are in line with the intended hardware configuration and will likely enhance our project’s overall performance and reliability.

Please let me know your thoughts on this and if you need any further information or assistance in transitioning to the FIT system.


Thanks for reply, is there any posibility to not use TPS but insted use MAP only?

As in this car TPS is not showing full range of resistance (only indicating fully open throotle and fuly closed - nothing in between) once fully closed showing 1.47v once its opened 20% , 50% or even 100% it showing 4.7v dosent matter the position , it means not full range TPS just indicating open/close loop.


  1. Its interesting is it posible to use not TPS but MAP data instead?

  2. You mentioned in Analog #2 to conect MAP sensor, as I undestand its not needed as this mesurement is conected dirrectly to DET3 built in Map sensor, or I need to conect MAP as well in analog 2 in order to have 2 MAP sensor readings?

I modified TPS and installed electrical part and “made electronically tps”
Now everything working fine.

Thank you for support just few questions about MAPS ?

I have:
Fuel table table (F1)
VE table (F2)

I have Wideband O2 sensor AEM I’m adjusting fuel table and trying to make it not to rich not to lean, but what about VE table? Now its having everywhere value of 50.
I understand its 2 different tables 1st Fuel table is when and what amount of fuel injectors are injecting depending on all factors. And related to wideband readings Im adjusting it to make “spot on”

But what about VE table it have different values there is no negative values, I understand that its velocity efficiency but how to set it up as well with wideband and see the readings of it and try to reach the “spot on” 14.7 on idle and on load 13, ect.?