DET3+ Analog2 not working?

Hello Guys,
i have the DET3 with integrated pressure sensor. However, for now i am not using it.

I have connected different sensors for all 4 Analog In. However, i am not getting any signal on Analog 2 whatoever. I even measured by voltmeter that the voltage is there, however in the software (version 35) i am not getting any signal.

I am suspicious, if the build in DET3 pressure sensor is not connected to Analog 2, so my other sensor which i connected to Analog 2 is then being ignored.

Can somebody help me to resolve this issue, or any idea why i do not get any signal on Analog 2? I tried 3 different piggibacks and all are doing the same.


This is correct, the internal MAP sensor is connected to the analogue #2 input. In this case, the analogue input is not available.

Yeah. I just tested it by blowing some pressure and i can see the voltage changing.

Is there any possibility to enable analog 2 on this DET3+? For example via software or it is integrated hadrware change which i guess is not possible?

If not i guess i will have to go for classic DET or do some workaround for my pinout :-/

In the past we upgraded DET3 to DET3+(we integrated the pressure sensor into the ECU unit), now i think i will have to do the downgrade. Is there any possibility to get the internal ECU design so we can do the downgrade(ofcourse warranty would be off) to get rid of the pressure sensor?

It seems its gonna end this way anyway, but with correct data provided by it would be easier :slight_smile:

Any response is apperciated.
Thank you

Regarding you concerned
As I understand that the purpose of DET3+ is modifying the analog to feed the car ECM modified signal and the modified signal mostly goes to car ECM MAP sensor
So i suggested to connect vacuum hose to intake manifold instead of taking signal from the car MAP sensor using analog in

I hope this will help

Yeah, our next plan is either using the vacuum hose for the intake. But since we have quite a few ECU units, we might try to modify the internals to get rid of the built in unit and we will use the Analog 2in as planned. I am not sure to which extend the makers would be happy about that, but anyway, we atleast know what the issue is and how to resolve it is to be find out :slight_smile:

The issue is understood now. We will have to take one of the mentioned workarounds.

I am having fun with this piggyback. It does a lot of things for a good price, i can imagine that black or classic has a lot of other features which could be easier to configure. For example, at the moment we are working out on our custom scales to have a precise measures for the tuning. Its a shame that ecumaster doesnt provide more scale configs for different sensors. If our project would be successfull, i am more then happy to share our findings and configs. But in coparission, the DET3 has a lot of good things, its just a harder way to achieve them then using other ECUs.

Hi, I have a Det3. Would you like to swap your Det3+?
Mine is brand new and never installed and I’m located in the USA

I dont think that it would be financialy convenient, as the price for sending would be a lot (i am located in Czechia). Thanks for offer tho


The DET3+ is slightly better compared to the DET3. Due to the manufacturer of some components discontinuing them, we were forced to redesign the board to accommodate new elements. Also, the redesign improved the assembly of the DET3.

The biggest difference lies in the frequency output. The DET3 used a small transistor capable of handling only a minimal amount of current, whereas the DET3+ uses a larger version that can directly handle solenoids.

It is not possible to release the analog #2 while the internal pressure sensor is connected.