hi , this week i received a det3+ whithout a built in map … i dont know what map can i put in the analog 2 , for a function MAF to MAP .

Anyone can send me a part number of a nice MAP sensor for turbo ?

i dont know why dont put a map built in… , i import 4 units and everythings it beign whitout a map

If you have place in intake manifold, you can use VW/Bosch 0281006059, 4bar absolute, with iat.

I guess they saved on 15$ from the map sensor…
Did you have problems with these det3 units with earth placement ? Almost all of them have cut out problems, i had to spend a day on one of my own installations trying different places for the power earth. One earth placement was cutting out from 2000-3000 (front bolt) other one didnt start and flooded (battery negative). Other one cut out over 3500 (wing chassis). And the last i found was on top of the original ECU which worked xD was an older det3 FIT unit

No problems with earth in DET3+.
You can choose whethere you want without MAP(in Alpha-n mode in most cases it is useless) or with 400kPa map sensor built in for turbo applications(for example in T-Jets it also useless, because it’s better to use oem map sensor combined with iat)