EMU BLACK, BMW M60B40 60-2 Trigger Wheel settings for Primary Trigger


I am just beginning my tuning journey, first time with a standalone. So far it has been quite good, the EMU Black certainly is a leap forward from my oem ecu.

I did perform a search within this site to see if this had been asked/answered and I got no results, at least not relating to a BMW M60B40 :slight_smile:

I apologise for the rambling nature of this post it is not orderly at all

This is an enquiry related to the Primary Trigger settings in the EMU Black for a BMW M60B40. It has VR sensors on both the Crank and Cam triggers.

I have been scouring the web to find relevant information with regard to the First Trigger Tooth and Trigger Angle, it hasn’t been easy and I have not been able to find any definitive answer to say *this is the first trigger tooth and *this is the trigger angle for an M60B40 quad cam V8, pretty much everything relates to 6 cylinder BMW engines.

So, what should you set it to/which one is it?
#0 {i.e. first tooth after the missing teeth}?
#1 the 2nd tooth after the missing teeth?

And the other setting, is the Trigger Angle.

TDC (O|T) on the harmonic balancer is in line with the trailing edge of the 10th tooth (starting at 0)
In line with the leading edge of the 3rd tooth is a marking 45(degrees) V.OT (45 degrees before TDC) Could this be the First Trigger Tooth? on the rising edge?

I have been getting a scope reading on the Primary Trigger (of course I haven’t ‘saved’ anything :roll_eyes: ) to show here.
However I do have the current settings I have for the Primary Trigger as an attachment.


I am sorry but I just cannot wrap my head around it currently and I am reaching out here for some guidance.

Once I can get it to idle, then I can confirm/adjust settings with a timing light.


P.S. It staring me in the face isn’t it … the 45 degree V.OT is the Trigger angle?
Still doesn’t answer the First Trigger Tooth question.

Multiply angle between each tooth by first trigger tooth and at trigger angle so in your case 60deg (6*1)+54 that’s angle of first tooth (#0) in relation to sensor position when engine at tdc.

Thank you for the reply Greg, greatly appreciated, it answered my question.

I did eventually work it out as that, with the timing light and swapping back with the Factory ECU to see what the OE timing signal position was as well, simply as a cross reference to get within somewhere it would start and run.

Sorry for the late reply I was chasing this info earlier when I had the time to work on it and the headspace to think about it.

Now a new opportunity to get back onto that project has become available so that I can now get it running on cold idle and transient to hot idle. Then the basic map building can begin.

Again, thank you very much for your reply.