Emu black dsg problem

i have a strange issue with my dsg using emu black in a non dsg car. i have a later model dsg from a 2012 passat in my vw corrado using emu black. mech unit part number 02E927770AL. it is tuned and holds the power no problem. the issue i have is that on some key cycles the torque intervention is delayed causing a harsh shift. anyone else have this issue, it been frustrating. sometimes it drives perfect and that is for the whole key cycle. when it starts and has the issue its the entire key cycle and it may take multiple key cycles for it to work correctly again. i have sent can bus logs to ecumasters, ive redone can bus wiring. if anyone has suggestions im all ears. one other thing to mention if i use 2.138 version the problem dosnt exist if i use the later 2.160 or later with the enhanced dsg functions the problem persists.

Did you check if there are any errors in the gearbox when the problem occurs ?

i do have a fault for distance monitoring (parking sensors) and i get sporadic shaft speed faults but unfortunately those do not seem to correlate to the issue. i even went as far as changing the shaft speed fault maps in the dsg to prevent the codes completely and it didn’t make a difference.

Could you check if it works with 2.138 and if yes then check when it stops to work?
Then we can check the changes and find solution.
Also it is possible that something wrong is with the gearbox. Checking 2.138 makes sure what is the problem.

It works fine with 2.138 like i said in my post, the newer 2.160+ versions have the problem which is why i dont think it a transmission problem.

Please try to test in what version it start to work erratically. We have no such feedback from other customers so it can be something specific to your configuration.
The differences between 2.138 and 2.163 are huge. But if you find the latest working version it should be easy to understand what is the problem.

You will have do basic settings on 02e transmission with vag com

ive done the basic settings, still have the issue. re done the entire can bus system also.

Adjust torque table may need low torque to start off with . Next in idle section it has dsg dc corrections maybe need to adjust it

its not the torque table as its sporatic and key cycle base. hit or miss sometimes it works completely fine and sometimes the torque intervention is late. 2.138 does not have the issue at all only later versions.