Dq250 dsg cxx vr6turbo

Hey Guys,

Can Someone explain What is meant in Emu Software With vag torque ? For What is This value and What is the effect by changing it from 400 to 600Nm.
I hope someone can help, have a good one:)

I got only 13bar clutch pressure and in vcds the torque doesnt Show More than 410Nm doesnt matter how much Emu says to dsg.

ECU sends the percent of torque to the gearbox. The final torque depends on the gearbox. To increase the torque in gearbox you need to reprogram the dsg mechatronic.
Adjusting the MDI torque make sure the torque indicated by the gearbox is equal to torque from the EMU BLACK.

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My readed torque in the gearbox is equal to the torque that my Emu is Sending to gearbox until 410Nm over 410Nm i only can See 410Nm With Vcds. My gearbox is Tuned und Makes 14 bar clutch pressure but Slips in 4 gear. Is it possible to See More than 410Nm in dsg gearbox?

What exactly is VAG MDI torque ? I think that doesnt know much people who Sets up dsg Cars :slight_smile:

MDI torque is a prameter from VW CAN stream that tells the gerbox how to intepret the torque percent sent from the ECU. As I wrote above the ECU sends torque percent, not an absolute value.
You need to talk to knwledgable DSG tuner to modified the gearbox software to increase the gearbox max torque. The max torque for DQ250 is 620Nm, for DQ500 it is over 1200Nm

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Thx for answering, i did the remap of my DSG by myself it works now without slip.
The only problem since i converted to DSG is that i have Can Bus error.

the DTC is in ABS/Cluster/Steering Coloumn/ Central electric

“01312 - Datenbus Antrieb defekt Sporadisch” and sometimes " Geschwindigkeitssignal signal Sporadisch "

What are the differences in AT option between the DSG configurations or do i have to use custom Coding? There is now Help description like in the CAN settings for Can cluster´s

DQ250 HXX with CXX Mechatronic

With manual gearbox i had no issues in CAN its a little bit confusing.

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I have the same problem

the DTC is in ABS/Cluster/Steering Coloumn/ Central electric

01314 - Engine Control Module
008 - No Signal/Communication

Hi Keybo,

did you swap from manual to DSG or what is your setup?

Do anyone know what the differences are in the type of DSG?
For example DQ250 Audi S3 8P and DQ250 VW Golf 5 R32.
Maybe Ecumaster has some differences in protocol or something like this?

My donor car for the DSG Gearbox was a Passat R36. Maybe the protocol doesnt match ?

My car is a 2007 TT 8J original DQ250. I am also confused about this problem. It has not been solved yet.

Hi Keybo,

do you only have the fault codes or do you get some other symptoms with these fault codes? In my case my electric steering doesnt shut off, so i can easy turn my steering wheel with ignition off.

I hope someone can help us with that problem.

Yes, it’s the same situation. The light on the instrument bothers me a lot. It doesn’t seem to appear with any regularity.

Is your problem solved? It seems that he has the same problem.

Hi, Problem is not solved…Still have the 2 lights on the dash boards. I am sure its to do with the EMU Black Vehicle can not set correctly. Also not sure if it matters but my car has a manual transmit and its always been a manual.

The errors i have in VCDS are,
ABS Module Hardware :- 5N0 614 109 M
01314 - Engine Control Module 000 - -
01044 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded 000

Sometime also if the vehicle cuts of or stalls the steering wheel symbol appears on the dash and after driver for a few seconds it turns off.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Apow,

i cant figure out what the problem is. In manual i didnt had problems.
I am thinking about to switch to Maxxecu.

The only problem in manual state was that the haldex had sometime a fault.
I dont know the Code anymore but it says no communication to ECU and the traction control light comes up. After ignition off and on it cleared the code.

Hi AlexJo174,

My problem is that the my car was originally a Manual car i swapped the engine out to.

The only components that have been changed on the vehicle are the engine (For a VW R36), gearbox from a Diesel Tiguan and the ECU which is a EMU Black.

Everything works fine apart from the ABS, Auto hold and the Haldex which I presume are all related.

I know the haldex worked before i did the engine swap as i have had a new controller and pump fitted before doing the engine conversion so i know it worked.

Going forward if I don’t fins a solution I will probably look for a different ECU that will support what I need.

Seems to be a common problem for from what I can see.

I know the EMU black is the issue as if I unselect the option ‘Enable terminator 1200Ohm’ in the ECU Master software under CAN, Serial - CAN, VAGCOM software will stop communicating with the ABS module and when selected it will communicate again with VCDS.

Have you guys done the basic troubleshooting on the CAN bus wiring? Have you tested what ohms you are getting from can-h to can-l to eliminate any network config issues? Blaming the ECU at this point is just going to end up costing you more in the long run as you are expecting the ECU to know what you have going on in your specific cars. Swapping from manual, adding a totally different engine is not common. Even my plug and play ECU in my Audi A3 8p VR6 BUB needed troubleshooting and a resistor added to the CAN network to keep everything happy.

@Apow , you mentioned swapping from manual to DSG. Did all wiring come over and you ensured the CAN wiring is in place and has proper OHM’s at all controllers?

I feel like everyone with issues in this thread are dealing with CAN-Bus related issues which need to be troubleshot at the physical level (wiring and controllers) before you can expect the configs in EMU Black or VW coding to work correctly. First step is testing that you have around 60 ohms from CAN-l to CAN-h, this test should be done with power off (no power to controllers). If you have anything outside that value (within reason) you can run into problems. If you see 120 ohms, you have an open connection at one of the modules and will need to physically add a 120 ohm resistor. if you see 180 ohms you potentially have an extra termination. If you have no communication it can only be CAN issue, Module issue, or Coding. But physical needs to be in place before the others things can be worked on. CAN-h generally has 2.5-3.5 VDC when powered, and CAN-L has 1.5-2.5 VDC when powered.

Good resource here https://support.enovationcontrols.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038856494-CAN-BUS-Troubleshooting-Guide-with-Video

Just selecting an Audi S3 or VW R32 CAN dash doesn’t mean the coding is correct. Those are 5K1 model builds and the platform your Tiguan was built on is newer and likely has different CAN coding which may need to be sniffed. If you swapped to a DSG your ABS controller would likely need to be coded to accept that it is now a DSG… And the DSG ECU has to be the correct one to match up to your ABS pump.

I’m not assuming you guys haven’t done all these steps, but I also won’t assume you have. But switching ECU’s will likely yield similar results unless CAN sniffing and coding is easier in those models.

Start at the physical level, Ensure the CAN-bus network is connected and terminated correctly… and then go from there. I’m sorry you guys are having issues, but I also don’t want to see you throw money at a different ECU just to have similar struggles.

Hi @MickyMcFinnigan,

This is really informative and I will look in to making sure the CAN connections are as you mentioned. Thx.

Just to confirm my Tiguan was a 2.0TSI 4motion manual, which has been swapped with a VW Passat R36 which has been turbocharged with a modified Tiguan manual gearbox. Nothing else has been swapped out apart from the ECU. All modules remain the same and can be read via the OBD port.

Hi @MickyMcFinnigan ,

in my case, my Audi A3 is from 2004 original with manual gearbox. I only changed the gearbox to a HXX from passat R36 and added a CanChecked MFD15 Can Gauge, that worked very well with the manuel gearboxe state. I took the coding from my friends A3 ( original DSG car ) so the coding should be okay. I will measure the resistances that you wrote, thats a good point. I also will try to connect the DSG Can directly at the ABS Pump Can cables.Now i have it connected on the PnP harness from ecumaster.