EMU Black Lotus Exige 2ZZ SC goes out after 1 sec

I am new to this forum (I am living in Austria).
I am stuck with following problem and can’t find a solution for weeks now.:
CAR: EXIGE MK2 old dash, RHD, EMU Black, Supercharger MP62 from a S240 with all original parts, only MAP sensor via EMU black

The car was running fine for two years now with the EMU black.
But since several weeks it starts for one second, after that it goes out. It does not stall or anything else. It start immediatley and goes out exactly 1-2 sec. after.
What I have done till now:
*new battery
*connected to the EMU black
*checked Temp sensors
*checked MAP Sensor
*check fuel pump
*hotwired immobilizer

What I will do next:
*change camshaft and crankshaft sensor

What I am stuck with:
*How can I read fault codes? Does the EMU black throw fault codes? How are they read out?

Any other ideas why the car goes out immediatley?

Thank you very much

You can download an software to comunitace with ECU. Connect it, and the software starts to log all data. You can post your calibration data from ecu and the datalog, and will can tell you whats wrong. From your describtion, i would start to search if the CAM sensor and wiring is ok, or if some safety kicks in (for example oil presure control etc…)

Thank you. Log seems ok. No failsafes etc. I will change the cam sensor next and check wiring.

Even problem with cam sensor can be seen in log file.

Unfortunately I can not upload the emublog3

Upload log to any file sharing site and paste link here (like dropbox, onedrive etc.)

It sounds like if it stops after couple of secs that could be point when ecu state switches from “after start” to “running”. Maybe.

Hi Markus, if you push a little bit the throttle on starting and hold it car also dies?

Hi. Yes. I had to hold the throttle down for 2-4 minutes to get the engine warm. Now it works fine again. I also changed the camshaft sensor before.

than i think get somewhere false air or something with your tps is wrong