Renault Clio 172 problems

Iám new here and have a problem.

I’ve been installing Emu Black in a Renault Clio 172 for a week, no time-consuming work thanks to the adapter cable. The basemap is a good basis, the engine runs well and cleanly.

There are 2 problems, when the ignition key is turned slowly the starter does not respond .

Turned quickly, the starter works and the engine runs.

In the cockpit, the SERV and ESP warning lights light up permanently.

If I connect the original ECU unit , the engine starts even when the ignition key is turned slowly.

The warning lights go out for 1 second. after switching on the ignition…

Anyone an idea??

Best Regards

starter motors is controlled by multifunction module not by ecu but from what you are saying possible that is can bus errors make sure correct can bus is selected .

Hi Greg

Can Bus ,good I take a look what sort of Baudrate use in this car and check it .

Thank you