Multiple problems with EmuBlack and 2JZGE non VVTi

I am a newbie and need help.

Car Condition:
SupraMk4 SZ-R W58 stock.
Connecting EmuBlack and PnP adapter to 2JZGE.
Since it is a distributor, I removed the R2 resistor from the PnP adapter and soldered a direct connection.
I purchased WBO LSU4.9 and WB KnockSensor from ECUMasterUSA and installed them.
Downloaded basemap from ECUMasterUSA and used it in Client.
Set SensorType of OxygenSensor to LSU4.9.
I did not touch the settings of KnockSensor.
Ignition - Primary trigger" is fixed at 10° and ignition timing is adjusted by timelight.

Problems and questions:
How to set up KnockSensor.
Stock IAT and CLT configuration parameters.
There is no response from Log>Scope.
The engine cranks for a long time during cold start, but still runs. The RPM rises little by little and the engine starts, not cranking like stock.
Idling is normal, but the engine accelerates when the gas pedal is turned off. (Loud intake noise during acceleration when accelerating off the gas pedal) - Google Drive
The car accelerates more than expected when starting in first gear. (Sharp acceleration with a little pedal operation makes it hard to ride.)
When accelerating in 2nd gear at 2200~2600 rpm, if the accelerator pedal is pressed immediately after the gas pedal is released, the car accelerates rapidly (The engine response is very sensitive, making it difficult to ride).


Logs and the project are necessary; otherwise, no one will be able to help you due to too many unknown factors.

test.emub (147.1 KB)

No scope - just turn it on

tps not calibrated? or bad wiring/trottle plate position sensor/ or cablle or some thing else. if you dont pressed pedal - in logs it is slightly pressed

idle-idle rpm ref table - try set all to zero values

i not find in log - where car moving. Vehicle speed - show it is moving right after start 60 kmPh how it can be ?

20231222.emub (147.1 KB)

New TPS calibration.
Could you please take a look at the logs and maps?
I would also like to have you check the log and video when I release the accelerator pedal.

tps voltage in case “no pedal touched” - rases on one’s own.
it should not be. in such case on stock ecu - i always think about throttle position sensor fail (driwe by cabble). try connect spare/new tps sensor for check it.

sudenly rews up - i think it is becaurce of

set it all to zero and try again

Awesome! I set all “Idle - Idle RPM ref” to 0 and it stabilized!
As a newbie I want to know what this setting means…

written in help:

IDLE RPM REF table is used to define idle valve Duty Cycle as a function of engine RPM. Values from the table are executed only when Idle control is not active.

I think it’s a kind of rev pick up when the revs drop. In Case of slow external IDLE valve (not fast as DBW), or very light flywheel - You may need to adjust the transition mode (before idle turn on in work).

RTFM, experiment with settings for accuracy.
im too newbie, and use technique: trial-error-read hpacademy forum and free lessons and so on by loop.
And I was able to set it up IDLE on DBW and very light flywheel.
I spent a lot of time: idle no load, idle with AC on, IDLE when transient pedal, but now I’m very happy how it works.