EMU black plug-in 1.8t BAM


i got my new EMU black plug-in for BAM 1.8t yesterday.
im still building the car on this moment, so it dont run yet.
i did found the pinout from the aditional connector on the back.
but i want to take al the cabels out the stock wirringloom that are not used.
is there a pinout for this, wich pins are used on the stock connectors?

thanks for helping

with kind regards Ralf

Try here. lots of VW wiring diagrams and documents.

thanks for the link, thats allot of nice documents.

but for me its more important to know if there are sensors in the stock wiring loom that are not working anymore when i instal the emu black.
for example:

  1. massairflow sensor, can i delete the complete cabels?
  2. stock MAP sensor that is originaly located in the intercooler piping, can i use this cabels for the map sensor that is deliverd with the emu black?
  3. secundairy o2 sensor (originaly used for checking if kat is working), want to use it as a dubble check o2 sensor so have to work the same as the 1st o2 sensor, is this cabels working on the emu black and can i set it up like that?
  4. i go drive a gearbox without speed sensor on the diff, the stock one have it, can i delete this cabels out of my wirringloom and take the speed signal from some where else?

for now its only about the wirring loom for me, i let do the complete software by somebody else.
so i want to do the changes on the stock wiring looms in one time right, the adtional inputs on the back is for later but the stock wiringlooms i want to finish before the engine goes back in.

found the complete pinout on the usa website:

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