EMU classic/black Idle wanted Feature

It is known that Classic and Black has a particular characteristic when rpm fall towards idle there is a DIP in rpm to 600 then goes back to normal. ( I wont argue about the particular tuning setup since its really universal with many cars with or without idle valve).
What i would like to have an additional feature on
IDLE - PARAMETERS / Activation Target DC% increse Duration. I would like to have an Idle Increase Decay Rate %

Agreed, that would solve a lot of issues and would essentially mimic a typical throttle dashpot.

there is Virtual target and you have to set ref table correctly with dc corresponding to correct rpm target. this is only in black

It still doesnt clamp smoothly down its a jump. The increase rpm target is also available in the classic in a different way. I would like to have a Decay rate anyway in all options…