Gear Indicator without ecu

Is it possible to display the correct gear based on rpm and GPS speed values. Obviously there is a bit of math involved and I have the gear ratios to make the calculation but not sure how I would calculate this with math channels or functions. My old AIM logger had a learning setting where you take the car for a drive and change gears and it would work it out based on speed and rpm.

I believe this could be done via a table and some time spent calibrating it.
Number function to derive ratio and a table that picks what gear that number is.

Thanks, I generated the table in excel and then copied it over to the adu software. To pull data from the table do I just change the reference channel for the gear selector to the table or do I need to do some sort of lookup function?

If i’m understanding your question correctly;

On the ADU display change the ‘source channel’ on the gear indicator to whatever the name of the table you’ve created is