Gear indicator colour change

Hi, is it possible to get the gear indicator to change colour when reaching a set rpm? There doesn’t appear to be any option in the page editor. Cheers

You could duplicate the gear indicator and have the visibility enabled by a function. Then use the function to determine what RPM you want it to change at
You can do this multiple times and have it change colours through the rpm range, just make sure the highest rpm colour is at the top of the list on the page

Could you give me direction to what type of operation I should use? I can’t see how anything in the list could change the gear indicator colour.

GearColourViaRPM.adu (8.5 KB)

See the attached file for an example of what I am describing

Hi and thanks for taking the time to send me this file. I maybe doing something wrong but I can’t get it to work still. The gear indicator is no longer displayed. I’m using the channel simulator to change the RPM. See attached screenshot.

So using the channel simulator, it only simulates the one channel with no interaction with alarms or functions. More for testing what a display looks like vs how it will function or behave

Using the channel sim add the function you want to see (f_GearGreen) and change its value from a “0” to a “1”