Having trouble with a few settings MK4 1.8t AWP, EMU Black BAM PnP

I’m having issues getting the vehicle driveable after the Base map is loaded and setting some parameters, checking ignition, fueling/injector Data, etc…

I’ve only driven around the block a few times up to 45 Mph in 2nd gear.
With my foot off the pedal it seems like it gets rich on Tune display Lambda goes all the way to 1.40 red and target is at .77 in VE table.

Ive been re-reading the First start material, watching YouTube videos from ECUMaster & others since I got the EMU Black in August 2023.

Im trying to upload my last log I took this evening getting up to 45Mph and it says Not authorized… Its LOG file from the EMU Black

ANY guidance is greatly appreciated!

Put “.txt” after the original ending and try to upload again.

And read/understand about VE table. You lambda target is a seperate table.

And read about the lambda as well 1.4 is lean. Not rich

LeoMan why did you bought an aftermarket ECU when you dont even have the knowledge that 1.4 lambda is the leanest the indication can go ? Letting off the gas pedal usually gets a fuel cut since all cars with EFI since the 70-80ies have that function… Hence you get the maximum lean indication on your AFR