4g63t Goes leaner and leaner until it doesn´t run

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Emu Classic

I got an 96 Eclipse gsx with a built e3 engine.
stroked to 2.3l, forged rods & pistons, arp, balanceshaft delete, ported head, very aggressive cams, 68mm turbo, walbro 525 fuelpump, bosch 2200cc high impedance injectors, vag ignitioncoils,18-1 triggerwheel & modified cas for sync and so on.
Got ego, fpr, egt and such connected and logged.

I bulit the car for probably 7-8 years ago and had it run with the emu classic with both a smaller 2.0l engine and this 2.3l and it worked well.
now a couple of years later when i rebuilt and upgraded the engine and got a new ecu i cant get it to work for me, and i don´t know what i have done / done wrong with the setup? its on speed density, i got injectors size set to 700cc and still the Ve table is around 130 at 2000rpm in neutral. as of now it runs on 95octane until i get it to function properly. the injectors are new, fuelpressure stable and as the engine gets warmer it goes leaner and leaner until it doesnt run.
I was wondering if someone experienced would like to take a look at my project and logfile to maybe locate what is off? or if you have any suggestions?
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I’m not that great of a tuner, but could I see the project and the logfile to see how it behaves like in detail? Perhaps I could give an answer or two

Ofcourse, you know any good site to upload the files?:grin:

You could use google drive and share the link for the files here

Ok, i’ll fix it tomorrow​:grin::ok_hand:t2:

Could you get it sorted out? I’m honestly curious about it

Sorry, has not been home until now :sweat_smile:

See if this works, new on google drive

Yeah the links work, but you haven’t made the files accessible to others. I sent a request to access them. If you approve, I should be able to take a look

sorry, i just made them accessible to all who has the links i think:)