MAF fuel calc algorithm

Hi, I plan on buying ECU MASTER PRO 8. Engine is bmw m50b25 turbo, power goal is 500hp. Car is going to be fun daily/ drag car. I want to use MAF sensor for better driveability and increased fuel efficiency would be a nice bonus too. At some point MAF sensor will be maxed out, if i max out MAF will the ECU switch back to speed density with MAP sensor? Should or shouldn’t I use MAF? Should I just stick to MAP sensor? Basically question is if it is possible to use both sensors at the same time?
Another question is if it is possible to control ZF 8HP70 with this ecu without using CANTCU?

Maybe something like that could be achieved by using 4D tables, but there is no native way to switch between fueling modes automatically.

However, we are planning to add a feature where you can blend fueling modes like alpha-n, speed density, and mass air flow, depending on custom tables and logic. This feature will also be used to switch modes in case of sensor failures.

We have some long-term plans for 8HP support, but it will probably not happen this year. For now, you need CANTCU, TurboLamik, or other TCUs to use 8HP with EMU PRO.