Momentary data display

Is there a good way to show momentary data on the ADU, for example driving modes, traction control modes, boost settings etc?

As an input, I am currently using the 8 pos rotary switch, connected through a CAN switch board to the ADU. I plan on installing this into a custom steering wheel, with multiple switched inputs.

At the moment I was trialing using the Alarm function, using a warning type, however I’m not sure how to make it automatically acknowledge. Perhaps there is an easier way do display data to 2-3 seconds only?

Perhaps in a future update, and additional ‘type’ could be added “custom”, which could allow the background colour to be chosen, and have the addition to auto acknowledge after a set time, or have a ‘max show time’ in the presentation setting?

i use a function, which watches a value, and if it’s changes, the function is 1 for X seconds. you can then define an overlay (with NO background), which has this channel the activation channel.
I use this for large laptime display, downshift gear display, pitlimiter, top speed changed, even for post session laptimes

Same, I use Overlay (no Background) that is triggered by individual buttons, etc.

Thanks for the idea. I got it to work in the end, was a few more steps than I liked, but has some flexibility in the end.

For anyone’s future reference, setting up a new function with display time:

Text overlay setup, with visibility set to new function:

Final display sample:

Please let me know if there is anything better to do. Thanks

You can define enumerations, to give name to the value you want to show.