New EMU PRO software version 102.0.2 Public Release

Dear Ecumaster Community,

We are pleased to announce the official release of EMU PRO software version 102.0.2. This update includes several new features and enhancements compared to version 99.3.

New Firmware Features:

  • Password protection
  • Idle strategy - added stepper motor support
  • DSG: parking lock actuator
  • Boost target based on turbospeed
  • Anti lag: fresh air valve support

New Client Features:

  • Imperial unit support
  • Loading password-protected projects onto a device with a matching password.
  • VE Tuner - tool to optimise VE table using data from a log
  • Full-size single panel
  • Support of custom colours for channels

New OEM CAN streams:

  • Mazda RX8
  • Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ

Additional Content:

We are continuously creating documents to support your vehicle setup. Alongside this release, we have new documents available:

  • EMU PRO Software Guide: Comprehensive manual describing the software.
  • EMU PRO Wiring Diagram: Example of wiring EMU PRO in a 4-cylinder engine with DBW and dual VVT camshafts.
  • EMU PRO How-to Series: Step-by-step guides for using various features, including VE Tuner, VVT configuration, password protection, APS Tuner, and DBW Tuner.

Download the latest software update and explore these new features and resources.

We value your feedback and welcome suggestions for future improvements.


The Ecumaster Team



Put in software option to put can 1 to 500kbs…
As i need the car connected on can 2.
And dsg / pdk / 8hp on can 1 and gearbox is 500kbs.

Its totally crap to you a canbus gateway of 275euro
To rename and re id messages or to do canbus speed adjustment.

Maxx ecu has adjustable speed on both canbus of pro. :upside_down_face:

Can 1 is the programming bus, it will always be 1mbps.
Maxx is programmed via USB, Emu Pro is not. The advantage is the entire Ecumaster package can be programmed via the USBtoCAN connection, vs multiple USB’s

Are the Can addresses in conflict that you can’t run the car and the TCU on the same bus?

Yes…nice … not really. Yes it for programming yes.
Other then that Can 1 is useless.
No 500kbs canbus. No oem canstream possible.

I have Can id conflict on multiple id’s

I have 1 car working with a black and canbus gateway,
I translate id’s adjust messages to simulate canbus extension pcb for messages to emu black because it cannot receive user defined messages if output oem canstream is selected. So incoming need to be ecumaster canbus pcb shaped messages.

but its ton of work to do this for every car.
Customers dont pay for that. Not really. Not the actual cost of time and parts.

300 for the gateway+ custom programming of the gate. Extra liability.

I have like 6 cars with this problem.
Offcourse 2 are converted to Maxx pro Problem solved.
But if they are already fully wired and remapped. its not a small financial thing…its a lot of time and big financial thing.

Offcourse most people keep a manual problem less …yes yes. But i dont like manuals. 75 percent of the cars i work on are dsg pdk 8hp and some older automatics .

Ok give me some alternatiefs. Open to suggestions.

In V3 firmware it is possible to use car spwcifix can stream and user can bus

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Allowing the speed change on the CAN 1 can introduce many issues.

The biggest one is the very high risk of breaking PC communication in some cases. A change like that discards most of our assumptions about communication and could create many unforeseen issues.

Another issue is the bandwidth for logging data. If you have maxed out logging on 1 Mbps and change CAN speed, at least half of the logged data must be removed. And that can’t be done automatically, so the user would have to do it.

This topic has already been discussed, and we are not changing our decision. CAN 1 will not have a configurable speed.

Potential solution:
We discussed making a new, extremely simple gateway that would have 2 CAN buses, configurable speed on both, and it would pass messages between them. With that, we could allow vehicle streams on CAN 1, which could be copied to 500/250 kbps by that module.

But we won’t be able to make it soon. Our current focus is 100% on direct injection. You should also know that you are the only person who has asked about this, and there are solutions to your problem, but you are looking for cheaper ones.

Not only cheaper. Less labor intensive. Les wirring less canbus programming.

Your device/ gateway could work for me.
I have such a device now. Beside labor price wirring programming. it doesnt make sense to use pro8 then.
Beter choose ecu with more canbus possibilities.
And easier setup of custom canbus.

I doubt i am the only one with this problem.
I am the only one making some noise about it on the Facebook and forums. Yes i believe that.

Because a lot of people think. This are the properties.
This is the price that is it… I dont think that way.

Can always ask. Suggest. Corporate to get something else.

different question but about canbus.
Bit offset instead of byte offset…

Oem canbus uses a lot of this nonsense… Unfortunately. Implementable ?
Yes i know nothing related to motorsport. As its not used in aftermarket canbus.

We understand all the pros and cons of our decision.
We are not going to risk having issues with connecting to the ECU.
If you think there is a better ECU for your use cases, it’s ok.
There is no single ECU that is best for everything.

For EMU PRO, the first priority is racing. Most people who use EMU PRO use it in custom builds without OEM CAN, which makes this issue non-existent.

Bit offset:
Yes, you can configure CAN bus data to be any bit length (up to 32-bit) and any bit position.

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Can we get a canstream logging function within emu pro ?

Now i need to get a second canusb device for logging canbus 1 or 2.

Needs to be able to seen canbus 1 and 2 incoming and outgoing to be practicall

Maxx htg all have canstream log function within ecu software. Works perfectly when setting up custom streams