PMU Output reacts on ADU AI Button via CAN

I try to make it possible to send a Signal from an ADU AI (Button) to the PMU16 Output. I tried a couple of thinks but it’s not working like I want it?
Button at the ADU is working and the Output from the PMU is also working and reacting to AI inputs at the PMU itself.
Hope someone can help, thanks and best

Are you able to upload project files for both ADU and PMU?

Do you have a CAN message being sent from ADU to PMU with either the switch position or the analog input voltage?

Hey thanks for asking. I am right at the beginning of testing and learning. So far I understood that I need to import the CANx file with all it’s channels. Within the ADU the EMU Channels and of course the ADU channels are looking good, but when I try to import the PMU file, a message occures that ADU has built in PMU support, I can enable it by pressing OK. When I did this, nothing happens, I see only the upper knot of the PMU but not the channels underneeth like with the EMU.

To your explicit question:
I will upload this asap, but the button attached to the ADU brings 5V I mapped this to an LED, its working fine.

By the way, communication from the PMU to ADU is also working. e.g. Fan goes on at PMU Out1 and message on ADU occurs.

The missing link i’m seeing here is the communication from ADU to PMU. The canX file you’re selecting is for the ADU to receive data from the PMU.

You’ll need to set up messages for this, I never really looked until now but there actually isn’t a CanX file in the PMU software for an ADU. I guess the developers assume most people will just use the ADU for logging and write their own messages as needed.

In the ADU you need to set up a CAN bus export, you can then save the export as a CanX file and upload that into the PMU software. See my screenshot to guide you

Since it worked exactly the same with the other devices, I thought it must be the same with the ADU, but you are right that would be an explanation. I haven’t quite understood the CAN messages yet, I’ll have to familiarise myself with them further. As I said, I’m just learning and seem to have picked out exactly what is unusual as a showcase.

Is it possible to learn this online, I am happy to pay for remote lessons.

I have done remote lessons, setup, base maps, diagnostics yes.

Email me, This issue could be resolved pretty easily in an hour and still have time to ask questions or expand on the topic.

hey thank you very much, I have already written to you, check your mailbox. We also have a time difference of 6 hours if I am correct.