RB26 basemap issue

Good afternoon,
Loaded basemap for RB26 onto our emu black with pnp adapter, have spark from coils when turning over but no pulse from injector. If i carryout the trigger test function i can activated each injector so i know the wiring to the ecu is good…Any ideas?
Also would anyone have access to basemap for this engine running:
ID 1050 with 3.5 bar base pressure
Garrett G30-900
Turbosmart Compgate 50 wastegate
Still running standard CAS trigger system


Please do a LOG file during cranking and paste it. I suspect the fuel cut related to the safety feature.

What would you like me to log during cranking? sorry, new to this software

Cant seem to upload the LOG for some reason, 1 thing i do notice is the battery voltage reading on the ECU drops to around 7volts at start of crank but my battery voltage attached to charger sits around 13volts. Could i have a 12v issue to the ecu?

I noticed on the jumper PnP harness that i have no Constant 12v at Pin13 of the 39pin connector, should i run power to this via a fuse? Assumed with it being the correct jumper harness that this would not need done but obviously its missing main power

Pin 13 powers the ECU and does not cause your problems. 7V low peak at cranking is somewhat low, but not uncommon.

Save your log as Artur said and upload it to any file sharing site like One drive, Dropbox etc and paste a link, if you cannot upload it here.

thats the 12V wired up too pin 13, still same issue. hope the log is correct for you to view.


I can see from log that there is 3,6ms inj pulse while cranking. Have you set your injectors characteristic correctly? Are they low or high Z (impedance)?
Is there +12V present on injectors connectors while cranking?
If you have wrong dead times that could cause injectors not opening at all when voltage drops very low! Try battery booster.

Thanks for replying,
I used the injector wizard dropdown box and selected ID1050s as this is the injectors we are running, would this be set automatically when selecting this? I will double check this today when im back down at car and reply.


Started again, loaded new basemap, used injector wizard and selected ID1050s, checked data sheet from Injector Dynamics and made small adjustments. Attached Booster and cranked…now getting around 2ms of Injector PW.
Still no switched earth at injectors but do have battery voltage at positive side of injector.
I have attached log above.


Are you sure there´s no switched earth?
2 next steps came in my mind…

  1. use oscilloscope to see if there is any pulse or if don’t have any avail. 2. you can use cheap stethoscope to listen if there’s a “click” while cranking. Assuming injectors are working in test mode as you said.

I cant see anything wrong in your log. Maybe someone else could take a look too?

Thanks for the reply.
I have a noid light on injector plug to watch for pulse. defo no “click” from injectors either, when i carryout the output test for injectors and trigger them the noid light flashes and can hear injectors clicking.

post you map please.
in log see - no CLT sensor, and failsafe on 80 C, but IAT show +10 C - may be cranking enrichment too low for +10, when taken from +80 map column.
ign angle when cranking = 10 - TOOO much for easy start, try use 5-7 deg of advance.

just stange, but not affects on start: ecu reports knock events for all cylynders.

Charge you battery - first suggestion, for any sport ecu problem.

Second - when dealing with cranking and start - use lsu 4.9 strategie - always on, turn ign on and wait for heatup lamda, for takes values to log, when cranking